About me

Hi! I’m Nyanja the Ninja cat. This is Naoto’s biography page.

About me

Name: Naoto Kanoko
Birthdate: Oct. 13th, 1982
I live in Osaka,Japan.
I am a stay-at-home dad of 2 sons and a writer.


  • Went high school in the U.S. for a year.
  • Studied Portuguese at college.
  • Played baseball, handball and American football.
  • After graduated, worked as a sales clerk for sports shop for 3 years.
  • Worked for a manufacturing company of ship mooring rope for a year.
  • Got depression and broke up with my girlfriend whom I engaged with.
  • Decided to work for a rice farm, and I worked for 5 years.
  • Got a licence of “psychological counselor.”
  • In 2018, got married and became a stay-at-home dad.
  • 2019, 2nd son was born


Please read below for the more detail. yum yum,,,



Here’s my history.

Cutest baby was born

On October 13th, 1982. The time was 12:59 pm. 3500g wieght boy was born.

I have only one younger brother as far as I know.

My family name Kanoko is so rare. I heard that there are only about 400 Kanoko-san in Japan.

My grand father was from a small island in Hiroshima.


This is me after 4 days of birth.


Wet my pants because of my mom’s friend

I was so shy when I was a little kid.


One day, when I came back from the kindergarten, only my mom’s friend was at my house.

I was so shy that I could’t get in.

I spent hours in the back porch of my apartment and finally I pooped in my pants.

I never forget the warm feeling in my pants.

I know the feeling!


Such a crybaby

I was a crybaby when I was 1st grade in elementary school.

There are some funny stories, but I cannot translate with my poor English,,,

You have to study hard!


I like playing sports.

I like playing sports.

When I was 6th grade, I played softball.

Here are some pictures.


Me at bat.

Please look closer.



Well, I was not a hard hitter.


Please see my fielding.


Easy pop-up,,,




Well, I guess I was not good at baseball.



Write letters to make my friends laugh

When I was in Junior high, I loved to write letters to my friend.

I wrote funny and nonsense stories to make my friends laugh.

I was so satisfied when I saw my friend almost laughed out with my letter during class.

That experience made my writing skill improved.

I wanna read that funny letters.


I wanted to do the things the other people don’t

Since I liked English and girls, I decide to go to the high school which has international course.

There were only 8 guys and the other 72 were girls.

You know what? Even if you like girls, having too many girls in class makes you sick! It smells bad with perfumes in the classroom.

Even though, I love girls!


When I was senior, I went abroad as an exchange student.

I spent a year in the States. I went high school in the island called Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

It was nice and quiet island with no MacDonald or traffic lights.

I wrote dairy everyday in English. I mean, almost everyday.


Being an exchange student was such a great experience for me. I got wonderful families and friends from all over the world.


Estudei Portugues na Facludade

I decided to study Portuguese at college. Because the Brazilian people I met in the States was so nice and friendly.

BUT, I was so lazy and didn’t study hard.  Now, I can speak Portuguese um pouquinho.


I played american football at college, instead of studying hard.

I was a quarter back.


Lived in Okinawa

After graduated from college, I became a sales clerk for sports shop.

Since I can speak English, my company told me to go to Okinawa where many American customers come to the store.


I got a license of scuba diving in Okinawa.

I wanna go scuba diving to catch many fish!



After coming back to Osaka, I got depression and quit the job as a sales clerk.

I spent a half year at my mother’s and change a job to a sale man of ship mooring rope.

10 months later, I got depression again and quit the job.


It was very hard time for me. I couldn’t go out at all. I couldn’t sleep at night and was walking in a dark room like a zombie.

In fact, this experience, walking in a dark room for hours, is now very useful for me to rock my baby to sleep.


A zombie can be a great father!


Hard decision to break up

I move to my girlfriend’s home town and found a new job.

But I gave up just in 2 days. The reason is,,, weakness in me, depression,,,

Even in Japanese, it is so hard to explain.

We were engaged at that time, but we decided to break up.


One day after several years, she texted me that she was going to marry.

I felt so happy for her.

Something got off my shoulder. Something which I had carried for several years.

Let’s move on, mate!



The depression made me to think that I want to work outside, in nature.

I started work for a rice farm in Shiga.

Actually, it was pretty hard job. But I felt so nice being outside.

It was so cold but so refreshing to harvest cabbage under the snow.

I put some movies me doing farming on Youtube.

Farming is fun.

But, my depression never go away.

I couldn’t go to work on daily basis.  Although, my boss kept hiring me for 5 years.

I cannot thank him enough!


My boss, co-workers, friends and family. They all helped me to live through this depression thing.

We all cannot live alone.

Now, I want to help people who is struggling to live like I had been.


That’s the sprit!


My new job is “stay-at-home dad”

I changed several jobs and finally I found my calling.

That is “stay-at-home dad.”


I met my wife at marketing seminar.

I moved to her place. She got pregnant. I proposed her.

But she said to me,

“I can’t accept that! You must decide what you are going to do!”



She was absolutely right.

At that moment, I didn’t have any jobs and any plans for the future.

Who wants to marry such an idiot?


Well, after that, we talked each other a lot and I decided to become a “stay-at-home dad.”

I told her that I would support her and our coming baby as much as I can.

Still, I feel depressed about onece a month. But, now I can handle that better.

As a “stay-at-home dad”, I will support my family and I want them to be happy.

I will do my best. A half step by a half step.

Don’t worry, Be happy!

As a writer

I wrote 2 books and published as Kindle.

One is a short novel and the other is a book for mothers and fathers who have uneasy feelings during their parenting.

Both are written in Japanese, but I just started transtrating the parenting book in English.

Looking forward the English one!




What I love

Here’s my favorites.

I love cats

I grew up with cats.

I can find a cat in town faster than anybody.

Cat is the best!


『ALF 』

Old American sit-com.

This funny stories made my English improved.



My favorite singer in Japan is Koji Tamaki.

I like the songs of System of A Down, too.I don’t understand the lyrics, though.

To know more about me

Thank you for reading my biography!

I tweet to ease the uneasy feelings of parenting from my experience of raising 2 newborns as a house husband. 

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