【Review】”Otera stay” at Takayama Zenkoji Temple Hotel


I’m a Japanese stay-at-home dad, “Dynamic Ninja”(@dynamic_ninjya)

I stayed at Takayama Zenkoji Temple using the service called “Otera stay”

Who is Dynamic Ninjya?
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What is “Otera Stay”?

“Otera Stay” is the program you can stay at temples.

You can experience many Japanese traditional things, like “Ikebana” and “making Japanese sweets” at various temples in Tokyo.

And, you can stay over at Takayama Zenkoji Temple in Gifu pref..


“90% of the customers are foreigners”  , said official website.

Please check out the website below;

I sneaked into the Temple!


Available for only 5 groups a day

“Takayama Zenkoji Temple” was reopened in July 2017, as the temple hotel.

Only 5 groups can stay a day.

There are 3 types of rooms:

  • for 1 to 2 persons
  • for family
  • large room for 9 persons


I can dance in the large room!
Behave yourself at temple!


Inside the Temple

The room is traditional Japanese style, like this.

(photo form official website



I could sleep very well with this comfortable Futon.


it was very nice and wam.


Shared Space

There is nice and quiet shared space.


You can use free wi-fi.


You cab cook here.


They have a microwave and refrigerator.


Please book to use the bathroom.


It is nice and clean!



Temple at night was fantastic.


In noon time, you can try “Kaidan meguri”:you can walk around the dark basement of the temple with no flashlight.


I also recommend ” Asaichi” the farmers market.


My mom kept eating snacks and fresh apple at “Asaichi.”

Eating is the best thing in the life.


SNS of the “Otera Stay”

It was so nice experience for me, even I am a Japanese.


Please see the SNS for the more details.


Let’s try “Otera Stay” together!



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